[Rule 8] Noise Maker by AFK player

User(s): jminer_kraft
When: 1am on 3/6/2021 UTC
Description: Built a noise maker next to an AFK LordDecapo on the build server running on a comparator clock.

I disabled its clock.

Lol sorry that was me. I was trolling capo. I hope no harm done to your ears?

A lot of stuff like that is built near afk players, I understand if you found it a bit bothersome but I don’t think any punishment is gonna come from it.

Honestly, AFK houses and “noise machines” built around AFK players is a staple in ORE.

I think this is totally find, and even kinda funny.

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Oh yeah this happens to everyone… or just me idk xD

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smh not even a 20 Hz clock?

Gotta get that 4x speed