[Rule 8] Player attempts to perma-crash me

User(s): AggYz
When: Now
Note: There were no staff members to talk with in the meantime, so I dropped the report here. Also, 2 more things to clear out: am not attempting to get this player in trouble, I want you staff members to just let him know not to do that again, because I have asked him this already, but he repeated. Also, I dropped a report here to send screenshots.

So I was just chilling, and a player named AggYz wants me to tp to him. We were having a lot of fun. I even pasted to his plot my calculator. Until, a disaster happened.
He filled a huge chunk of anvils. This made my laptop to freeze on Minecraft. As a result, one time my entire system froze (prob because of RAM overfill), and I had to reboot by the power button. A few more times, Windows was just telling me Minecraft wasn’t responding, or it could be an infinite Loading Terrain screen upon connecting to the server. The player would do nothing about it. One time, I somehow got back to my plot… with 94% RAM usage because of anvils, so I had to immediately restart Minecraft to prevent system crash and data loss.

I asked this user not do to this same thing again. He said ‘ok’, so it would seem to be fine… but then, he asked me to teleport to him. I told him, if it would be the same thing, I would submit this incident. He did not listen to me. I teleported to him and got in like the middle of anvils? Idk, my PC was struggling so bad, the textures were not even rendered. Here’s an image:

You can see the FPS and anvils in the background. However, I took the picture just in time. After a few seconds, I could barely get back.

So, I don’t want any punishment to be given to this player. I simply want for you staff to ask this player not to crash or “ban” I can say, any other players. This is ORE. I come here for redstone, not to have my minecraft crashed every time, or submit incidents.

75rx (IGN)

very sorry will not happen again.

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Not a problem.

If nothing further happens, I guess we can just call it resolved

I have cleared the plot, as there were more complaints recently
If you want it changed in any way, ask staff.