_rzecz Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: _rzecz
When you were banned (approximately): Today (15/12/2022, DD/MM/YYYY)
Why you were banned (if known): Breaking rule 9
Why you should be pardoned: Earlier I was engaging with a conversation with PugBot9000, who had named one of their builds a “cum machine”. I was just curious what this had to do with such a matter and found myself riding a flying machine to the sky. I believe I should be pardoned because:

  1. I was attempting to go along with it while still keeping the discussion appropriate (not going into much reference or detail).
  2. I had stopped briefly once asked to, I had not realised also that it was inappropriate to that extent, this is why I believe my ban was unjustified.
  3. With this lesson learnt I will in future try to keep discussion appropriate and I apologise for any disruption this may have caused to the general wellbeing of the community.
    I do hope you take my appeal into consideration, and thank you for reading.

Your appeal is currently being reviewed and you should receive a verdict within the next day or so.

ok thanks for the update!

Don’t post on appeals that aren’t yours

Your appeal has been accepted and an unban will be handled shortly.