"Scan the entire internet for servers"-inator

It’s a Discord bot that finds a completely random server for you to play on.

How does it work?

Every minute, it scans the internet for addresses that have the 25565 port open, using a free tool called masscan.

After scanning, it checks if each address is a real Minecraft server with mcstatus, a free Python library. It then appends the real servers to a logbook I can view.

So, how did I find this community? The /pick command:
It picks a random entry from the logbook with the specified parameters.

Boo! Unoriginal!
Yes, I do realise this idea has been implemented many times before. Once by some way too creative griefers in 2b2t, once by LiveOverflow and however many times by other people.
This was just a project I threw together in a few days to freshen up my nextcord knowledge, and to learn something new.

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