Seasonal stealing

User(s): Me, RegonGaming, TosinV1, Stevious_
When: 4-9 days ago
(sorry for wall of text)

So i didn’t went online for some time on seasonal now because exams, but today I wanna go online to look at my seasonal stuff. The last time I went offline is in a pit in the neather that I dug for some time.

The first thing that I noticed is that the walls were broken. I always fill in the walls after I dig something, so I just /co i’ed at the blocks and found out that RegonGaming removed some gravel.

So then I went back to my base, completely unawaring that /co i haven’t been stopped yet, and want to unload my items into the chests, and accedentally found that TosinV1 stole some stuff.

Then I checked other chests to see if they were stolen as well. I found in another chest Tosin took a diamond axe then put it back (he didn’t use it I think). Later I found that Stevious took 1 gunpowder when I was looking at the screenshots.

I actually didn’t care for the netheracks and gunpowder that Tosin and Stevious took, but wanted that RegonGaming can give back some gravel and fill back the walls (1 layer is enough). (also please dont ban anyone)

i am not a mod so you can not care about this but if you dont want anyone to get banned why even make a moderation post? a post made for staff intervention… why not (pure example, craaaaazy) talk to them? because who knew its possible to talk with people about problems right? but what do i know im not a mod.
edit: i just went over the screenshots again. you are making this post over what looks like less than half a stack of replenishable. infinite. gravel. someone broke in an obscure non marked place in the nether???

From what it seems, you are not unhappy about the resources that left your possession, just more upset about the place you logged of not being the way you found it.
The way I see it, we cannot blame someone for mining random unidentified gravel in the nether. If you like to cover yourself, consider leaving a sign so people know not to disturb your coffin. This should prevent any of these incidents from now on.

Lastly I would like you to keep in mind that you have the autonomy to solve quarrels on your own. You should only get staff involved when no agreement can be found on both parties and a 3rd party needs to intervene.

My opinion: ask regon for some gravel back, and if you get unhappy with how the situation turns out, then reply to this post.

Reminder: You can use the chest protection plugin that we currently have if there are items that you really dont wanna risk loosing

oops sorry