[Server Issue] Need to be warped outside ORE Survival

Last time I left ORE, I remembered that my last position was next to rzecz’s chicken farm. If possible, can any of you staff, please make it so once I join back, I be in ORE Build?

My laptop only has 8GB of memory. Rzecz has his chicken farm in there (just where I last left), which automatically deploys more and more chickens over time. There’s about 2500 of these chickens, and there’s not enough memory on my laptop to fit this data. If I join now, the RAM on my laptop will fill up and I won’t even be fast enough to warp somewhere else. It is as if I have banned myself.

If no changes will be made (AKA set my spawn position to ORE Build instead of ORE Survival), I will not be able to join the server while my spawn position is not changed.

Note: No further actions need to be taken under this petition. It's the best to delete it.