[Server Issue] Sign Keeps Crashing Me

Requested Change: Reset my plot (there’s nothing in there anyway)
Reasons for change: I was making my redstone build - a printer, and I was making too much buttons, and to not get confused I decided to label them as soon as I finish making that redstone button along with a line. I typed in &4&o&l&ne which will make an italic bold red letter “e” with underscore in it. I decided to name it ‘e’ to just first test if it actually works, and only then rename it properly. And then, just to decorate it a bit more, I put a glow ink sac on it and expected for it to work. As soon as I did that, my minecraft suddenly crashed, crash logs saying that minecraft rendered a sign with unknown text to be shown. I attempted 2 more times, same thing. As soon as I join ORE, Minecraft, without rendering blocks, on Loading Terrain message just crashes.
Reasons for no change (optional but recommended): If not, I wouldn’t be able to join ORE as I will instantly keep getting my minecraft crashed.

Teleported to your location. Deleted the sign. Stopped your drum machine (placed 4 orange blocks). Maybe you’re having performance issues. There is nothing in the area that should be crashing you. Try again. Reinstall MC or get performance mods.

(Thanks you, Les, for the reminder)

Thank you, I appreciate.

Speaking about the drum machine: I don’t think I forgot to turn it off. Gotta be like someone trusted kept it running and forgot to turn it off maybe, 'cause I always turn off my redstone builds when I don’t use them.