Simple 8bit ALU

I made a prototype ALU. This ALU can perform addition, subtraction, OR, AND, XOR, increment, decrement and sign generation. In addition, depending on the control method, right shift and left shift can also be performed. All logical operations have a processing speed of 6rstick and a signal strength of 15.!

The alu (size = 14x19x11)


(under part is 16byts resister.)


what you did looks good. and what is the purpose of signal strength 15? as I know, in minecraft, if you build a binary building, the signal strength is equal to 1 or 15.

Not all alus output at 15. some only output 2, like with comparator xor gates.

yes, you put a signal amplifier and it is.

Just wondering does a ALU just with between different logic gates? or something else?

Alus do And,Or,Xor,And,Nor,XNOR,Not,Addition, Subtraction,Flood Carry

Cary is like addition right? what’s flood? does it mean like overflow in subtraction?

Flood-carry is one thing. Basically it inverts the output; it’s used for inverted logic gates (NAND, NOR, etc.), however it’s not used for subtraction. For that you invert B and turn on the carry in. The logic gates can be accomplished using two different methods; One option is where the inputs are put through the adder/subtractor as well as all of the logic gates and a multiplexer is used for the output. The other option is using control wires; I believe there are some explainations in ARC Database - Google Docs (ARC database) in the arithmetic section. I’m not positive but I think the ways these are accomplished on a 4t alu are different than on ones not using 3t ccas. # arc_arithmetic_alu_4t_10x9 has an explanation of every control wire in a 4t alu.