Sin and cos approximation pipeline

sin and cos approximation pipeline. I started this project on 11/15/2020 and am in the test phase on 11/16/2020 +. currently pipes sin and cos approx polynomials at ~80 redstone ticks or 8 sec. there are 5 stages radian compression algorithm (best name I could give it) -> X X -> X^2 c0 and X^2 X -> buffer X^2 c0 and X^3 c1 -> 1-X^2 c0 and x-x^3*c1 . as you can see by the stage where X^2 is found the pipe line forks for the two functions. I hope to see how this develops later, however it will take time to work on it.

the accuracy is approx 0.00 decimal places.

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The asterisks can be escaped (made visible) using backslashes before them, otherwise we just see italicized text. This is a really impressive build.

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Iā€™m working on another setup, should be a bit interesting. this setup has a few things i wanted to improve.