Sk8terkyd Ban Appeal

minecraft username: “sk8terkyd”. i was permanantly banned recently, for “arrow-lag macine” and “nbt hacking” by PabloDons. what does “nbt hacking” refer to? i dont know what nbt hacking is. if it is about the “sugar”, someone else gave that to me and i didnt know it wasnt allowed. if its the command blocks, i got them from a saved hotbar as a joke, it was a dumb idea and i regret it. about the arrow lag machine, i didnt build it, someone else built it as a joke then they turned it on and almost crashed the server. i only turned it on for like 5 seconds and then i turned it off again. please unban me because i should of thought before turning on the lag machine i wont do it again, there are no other servers like this one.

Staff had agreed to a 1 week ban. Because of the timing, that pardon is basically now.

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