Smally's Engineers Application

Minecraft name: QSmally

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates sufficient engineering knowledge?: I have built QCPU, an 8 tick pipelined processor in Minecraft.
This CPU includes features like a one-operand Instruction Set, 32 bytes of cache (both iCache & dCache), eight bytes of registers with pointer support and many more other things.

What engineering work went into designing this device?: I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to answer here, but I did start by planning the architecture of the CPU, creating and improving the processor’s Instruction Set, (rebuilding it many, many times but we don’t talk about that), and finally, testing the entire thing. I have also bug tested the CPU and created a few demo programs as well. I have been planning on creating a chatting platform using multiple QCPU’s, but I have been a little inactive on the server due to other programming projects.

Image/s and/or video/s of the device, from Imgur or YouTube: You can basically fly around my plot, but here’s the video I made: QCPU - An 8 Tick Redstone Processor, Made In Minecraft - YouTube


Accepted for an interview!


For future reference: when we ask about “engineering work” we are referring to (in the most general sense) the act of skillfully arranging for something to occur. An engineer will apply already known concepts to optimize for a desired result. A good example of this is redesigning your instruction set, but we’ll save that for the interview. A very general example could be making a contraption smaller. Such work is all about putting together everything you know about Minecraft and also, more significantly, skillfully take advantage of the invariants in your contraption to move towards the desired goal of making something smaller. This quality shows deep understanding of your work, but also the ability to improve and adapt earlier contraptions.

Anyway, can’t wait to get our first engineer!