So I did something stupid

User(s): Me only
When: a few minutes ago
Description: So I’m not really sure if this is rule-breaking or not, but it was definitely stupid. I was on seasonal and I decided I was going to make a chicken army and lead it all over the seasonal server. I ended up collecting every chicken and every egg i could find for my chicken army and then hatched all the eggs. I then used seeds to make them follow me. I forgot that chickens tend to have really stupid AI and as a result when I was walking past a group of open trapdoors, beneath which was void, almost all of the the chickens ended up falling through and into the void. When I realized what had happened, I started trying to lead the chickens to a safe place away from danger, but at least half of the remaining chickens walked into a stream of lava that I had to get past to get to safety, and a couple of others fell in another hole, which had a 1x1 area at the bottom surrounded by void. I went to find something so I could rescue the chickens, because as far as I knew they were the last ones on the server, and when I came back, I guess they decided to just walk off and commit suicide. As far as I know, there are no more chickens or eggs on /seasonal, meaning that we have lost one source of food, unless there happen to be some eggs in a private chest somewhere. I realize in hindsight that I should have left some eggs in the public chest, but that did not occur to me at the time. To all the players on seasonal, I’m sorry, and I will not do something so stupid like that again in the future. I feel like this deserves some form of punishment, even though it was mostly accidental, so I will accept whatever punishment the staff decides is reasonable.

There’s one (1) chicken spawn egg somewhere in a barrel on spawn. Be careful.

also: no duplication but that’s self-explanatory thanks

I think I’m just going to avoid seasonal for a few days so my bad luck with chickens doesn’t do any more damage before the chicken population gets back up to scratch.

chickens spawn naturally on grass, as long as there is grass any passive mob can be spawned forever

Passive mob spawning is disabled on seasonal, or at least that’s what i’ve heard.

chillax jminer I’m sure ppl have eggs lying around places like I have a few

nope passive spawning isnt disabled on seasonal!
chickens are a replenish-able resource as long as we have grass so dw

Oh thank goodness

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