Some suggestions

I have wanted a suggestions area for a while so I don’t need to make even a minor petition for something, I can just suggest and have added. So here are my suggestions all in one place to avoid me posting a ton.

  • There’s a CPU design channel and a learning channel, but what if we had a showcase channel in the discord server. That way newer members could get a feel for what the community is working on currently and active members can show off their builds and receive constructive criticism.

  • A command to list online players by rank rather than by server. This way instead of “Are any mods on?” people could just use that new command and see for themselves.

  • Revamp POL. To an extent it serves is purpose quite well, but there are also changes I could see being added. Things like commands to get to certain areas like /pol small_gates, a clearer explanation of what builds are in each category, clearly marked subcategories, etc. I’m sure other people have ideas on this too, could be worth asking around.

  • Plot/build showcases and tutorials. A great way to show people what’s going on is the ORE YouTube channel. It’s been a year since any videos went up and about 6 years since there were relatively frequent uploads. It’d be nice to get some more content on the channel, things like showcases of different members’ builds, tutorials helping people progress through to Builder or even Engineer level redstone, etc.

  • Server-hosted competitions. Anything from unique adder designs to best overall CPU. It’d be a good idea to separate by rank depending on the competition theme (students would likely have a challenging time beating an engineer in a CPU competition). The competitions could be collaborations or solo, restricted in any number of ways, and could even be done regularly to inspire people to work hard for the upcoming event. Events could have their own world like build, school, or play do. This way the events could be done often without taking away from plots on those parts of ORE. Prizes I can think of would be something like a temporary rank or the names of winners written down somewhere on the server permanently, but it doesn’t need to have a prize to be entertaining.

I like all of these changes and I’d be willing to help with the work required for them to take place.


You could use /ls to see ranks (and afk ppl) but it is only for the server you are on.


Youtube content and server-hosted events are an instant thumbs up from me. Boating competitions when??

To generate video content isn’t easy though. I’ve learned that just asking isn’t enough, even though they’re on board. It’s a lot of work and is only exciting the first few minutes. I’m happy to take suggestions. Maybe a dedicated group?

Hosting events is a lot easier. We just need a host which can be a single person. They just need to decide on rules, the dates, and possibly the reward. There’s no reason we aren’t doing more


Yeah, just was hoping for something across all of ore

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You brought up a good point on the youtube content part and I don’t have the solution to that unfortunately. A dedicated group could help but it could also just stop producing content if everyone in the group gets bored with it.

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The projects channel in the discord is now a thing and so are monthly competitions.
That’s pretty neat I would say.

There hasn’t been a revamp of POL but I did add stuff like /warp pol>small-gates