Staff, you NEED to bring Chad commands back. A LOT of players are furious

I hope this is a joke, right? Who tf did this?!
who tf removed most of the fun commands from ORE chad?
I’m actually calm at the moment, but if tomorrow, I see that these chad commands are still not present, I’ll be furious.
A lot of players are really furious as to why staff has removed these commands. Those were really fun and entertaining, but now, many players have mentioned that staff only made a mistake and actually made the chad boring. It may be because some players were spamming, but a regular advice was going to be enough to establish such incidents.

Anyway staff, I hope you bring these good old commands back.

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This is certainly not a joke, we’ve been planning this for a while and finalized things today.

Since you aren’t in the discord server, you didn’t see the announcement. Here it is btw (not sorry for light mode)

I must mention that:

Yes, players were indeed spamming. But one single regular advice was enough to establish such incidents. It’s not like this was very problematic, right?

Now “nuking” some commands was going to be alright, like “,exit” for example, or “,biston” as it really wasn’t added anymore. But anything else, it’s just unacceptable.

I don’t see us adding them back and while people aren’t ecstatic over the change, I wouldn’t say I’ve seen anyone furious over it.

Sure, but as you hop on the server while it is very active (>20 players online), I’m sure you’ll see a very large negative feedback over the change.

Turns out you were right on the money. It should be clear by now that we’ve both received significant negative feedback and reverted the change as a result. Marking this as resolved.

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