Starting a discussion about Real Life CPU

I just watched the " I made Minecraft in Minecraft with redstone!" video on YT and I read the introduction in wich it is written :

"if you want to learn computational redstone and how to create CPUs in minecraft, and possibly in real life, head on over to the (ORE) minecraft server.

I am there. But no sign of real life CPUs.

I would like to start a discussion about real life CPUs :

  • What did the author of the video means by “real CPUs” ?
  • Would it be possible ?
  • What would it be like ?
  • What would it be useful to ?

Thank you for any answer on the topic =)

Alexandre (Low-tech researcher)

Hi Alex, I am not the author, but to be brief, the underlying principles to make a cpu in minecraft are the same as when u were to make one from transistors irl.
Only the tools differ. In Minecraft, those are the redstone components, and IRL, its what u get at ur electronics store.
When IRL you use a chip, in Minecraft u build that chip yourself or utilise someone else’s design (Common with Memory, Adders/ALUS)
So by building a cpu in Minecraft, you will know how an IRL cpu works, and if u want to make one IRL, whats left to learn is the electronics side of computer engineering. Hope this helps.


Look up “bread board computer”

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Thank you for your answer; I was thinking about a “mechanical” CPU actually.

But, as you suggest, I should start by understand how it works ^^