Suggestion: A Discord Discussion Channel


In general, before I create a petition or try making a change/addition for ORE, I like to talk it out with people to help me gage opinions, brainstorm, and identify potential issues. In general, discussing an idea prior to seriously working toward it is a good idea. This is why I propose a #change-discussion channel for the Discord server.

Why not just use Discourse? It already has a suggestions area and also various other categories.

Discourse discussion takes significantly longer. It doesn’t have the same sense of real time discussion as a Discord channel does. With the real time discussion you can cover more ground with newer ideas. Quickly discussing a potential idea and passing it if it shows little promise of success.

Is speed alone really a valid reason to add a new channel?

In addition to the speed difference, having the discussion on Discord makes it feel less professional. This means that people don’t have to feel like their less developed ideas aren’t worth discussing.

The Discord server has enough channels as it is. Why should we add another one?

I agree that working on a way to effectively handle the number of channels is important. But I don’t think that should be a reason to fight against adding a single channel to the server when it has a fair number already. In addition, I should mention that the channel could be used to discuss that exact topic.

In conclusion, I feel that a #change-discussion channel would help focus relevant discussions into a single place, encourage people to suggest their ideas, and help ideas to be looked at by multiple people so that issues and resolutions can be quickly discovered.


Oh also I’d recommend replying with something even if you just agree with it. Otherwise it just looks like no one cares.

The name of the discord chat could match the one on here “Suggestions” and have direct links on both ends

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ooo so like how some discourse posts end up getting sent to the learning channel


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i like that approach Don, then you could use Discords Reply feature to continue a conversation on a given linked Discourse post.

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