Suggestion to bring back ~calc!, ~wolfram!, and IRC

Back in Autumn 2021, players could chat through IRC. There also were 2 awesome commands called ~wolfram! and ~calc!, which were very useful for students and builders.

However, once I got unbanned in May 2022, to this day, these features were removed for an unknown (to me) reason. So players can no longer chat with IRC, and chatting ~wolfram! … and/or ~calc! … does nothing.

What's ~calc! and ~wolfram! ?


Wolfram was like ChatGPT. It would search through the internet and find the most relatable answer to the question. Whenever I would type in, for example, ~wolfram! twbtv, it would give me that this is something related to uhh... a gender of birds I guess? I did this back in Autumn 2021 and it was quite funny.

However, wolfram was not as helpful as calc, but still was helpful.


Calc was like the //calc command, but for students (they cannot use WorldEdit; //calc is a WorldEdit command). If players chatted ~calc! 5*5, it would return 25.

This was very useful, because while the ~calc! command was present, players with student rank didn’t have to open calculator on any device and temporarily pay attention on another application. When ~calc! was present, there was no need to open apps - just focus on Minecraft and that’s it. Very useful, and it would 10x players’ productivity.

Apparently someone told me that ~calc! and ~wolfram! commands are removed because they removed support for IPC. Apparently if IRC will be a thing for ORE, ~calc! and ~wolfram! also will be a thing.

This was 75rx’s Suggestion to bring back ~calc!, ~wolfram!, and IRC, and thank you for reading.



wolf random access memory wasnt exactly google, in the most part, it had some extremely funny results

also why the hell we need wolf in ore and also just make //calc avalible to students