Suggestion to remove ability for players to place armor stands without build permissions on ORE Boat

Note: Similar suggestion previously asked here: Be able to remove Armor Stands in /boat

Any Builder I believe (perhaps student also), can place Armor Stands on any boat plot, regardless of the build permissions.

This is quite annoying. I once saw Metertick and JaYveC place unwanted armor stands along the track on my boat track, even though they don’t have build permissions. Had to use /co i command.

Metertick and Andromeda also placed a colosal amount of unwanted armor stands, that also don’t serve any use, on Digitalis’ boat track (plot 1). I’d like staff to remove them (if allowed and possible).

I’d like staff to remove permissions for players without build permission on boat tracks, to place armor stands.

So why should staff remove this feature (or bug)?

Let's imagine, I am boat-racing on Digitalis's boat track with Player123 (Player123 is an absolutely random player that I imagined). I can't build on Digitalis's boat track, neither I can remove armor stands.

So I just keep peacefully boat racing, until armor stands break my way. I can go through them, at least. Though, I can't see through armor stands. Player123 seems to be forward me. Though, it looks like he stopped.... is he still riding a boat? Since I can't see through armor stands, I never know whether Player123 is still riding a boat, or is stuck and trying to get out.

I finally rode away from these armor stands that broke my way. And looks like Player123 won…

So this was just an example of what would happen if the feature of placing armor stands on ORE Boat won't be removed.

Thank you for reading.

Your suggestion is currently being reviewed and you should receive additional info within the next day or so.

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