[Survival Rule 1] Rx killing me :(

User(s): 75rx
When: minutes ago
Description: While I was monitering my villager pen rx transgressed an iron golem resulting in his death, I visited the site of aforementioned incident standing far enough to avoid picking up items, Although I accidentally picked up the experience, I said in chat ‘free exp?!’ this must’ve aggrevated rx as he used his iron axe to perform a not so joking critical hit on me 3 times resulting in my death and loss of 31 exp levels. on my end all the villagers around me had frozen due to bad packet loss and I found myself dead

they returned items but not all, I still await my 64 arrows as they left after returning items

I also want to say that i got mad at rx and killed them when they kept staying near the farm and mining blocks when i didnt want them to

all I want is rx to be not allowed near my villagers (which are to be enclosed in a mountain base)

Staff, this is totally out of context. It was still worth it killing him, as before I killed him, they took 20 EXP levels from me. I was able to retrieve 1/3rd of my experience as I killed him. Of course, I returned items later.

Okay, maybe I’ll just forget about his villagers and won’t touch them.

I was killing other players with similar reasons. Of course, I have also returned items. Though, this has to be hyperholy’s anger issues. Nobody ever was raging this much and reporting for just what I have did. Hyperholy even killed me later on because I was naughty, and I raged just a bit and didn’t even think of reporting.

I also cannot consider this as murdering because, well, I quickly returned their items. I also returned arrows, I literally did. Murdering at least once was reasonable - stealing EXP from me. I was saving up to 30 EXP levels. I barely got 21. Then I accidentally punch an iron golem and die. Hyperholy gets closer to my items, picks up EXP levels, and walks a bit away. I must have murdered them and returned items to at least get 1/3rd of my EXP levels back.

Overall, I don’t think I should receive a punishment due to what I described, and I will not touch their villagers as of now.

Murder is against the rules and if you kill for similar, trivial reasons it provides more reason to be kept away from seasonal.

maximum amount of exp returned is 7, with how exp scales this is nothing at higher levels (i went from 31->31 when i picked it up) in no way does this warrent my exp bar being reset for no reason, this remains an unjust action of violence

That way, I could get 30 levels faster.

You shouldn’t have stole my experience. That was the reason of me killing you, even though max. EXP levels I can gain is 7 (as you said).

That also might say that you’re the fault here because you stole lots of my experience.

Im not gonna add anything as it should be clear to staff

Your report is currently being reviewed and you should receive a response within the next day or so.

Following a staff discussion, we’ve decided to ban the player in question from this season of Seasonal for breaking our rule about PvP.