Survival shitpost

hello ore staff i recently became builder and i would like to ask for survival because 1. it is fun 2. i got builder 1 seconds ago and cant believe survival isnt playable yet like why else would anyone waste time getting this dumb rank 3. not having survival isnt a very smart move for server popularity and slowly people are gonna distrust all staff and then you all will be hated and banned from all other server 4. please please please please??? 5. survival fun :slight_smile: so yeah please consider my reasons and give us survival because if not i will get my dad to ban your minecraft server also where do i apply for staff, it’s taking kinda long for me to be promoted to admin automatically so i guess i need to apply but idk where???

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At Open Redton engines, we take customer complaint very lightly.
After carefully considering your post we have decided to stay with the current situation, as

  1. let a=0, b=1
  2. let c=a+b
  3. let a = b
  4. let b = c
  5. see 2)

Thank you for your service.



I’m gonna have to agree with the new builder les here, as when i joined ORE i joined because the name says ORE, which if you didn’t already know is something you mine when you play survival, therefore i thought this would be a cool survival server. I understand they don’t want griefers but wow the process to play survival is really hard, i never thought i’d need to know what an alu is just to play survival. but oh well, at least i could play survival. oh wait, survival got removed!!! >:( (i belive this is a bug so if you could fix this pls that would be great! :slight_smile: )

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omg staff why have you not responddeded to this post!!! are you all really that lazzyzy or am i being ignored because you are too scareed of being banned? if you want to not be banned just respond so we can get talking about survival being up by tomorrow! it will be ok if you just listen to me but if you dont then you will be banned from minecraft by my dad bill gates so hurry up

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well you see the hypothenus of the train actually makes the bisectomy an impossible procedure, thus triangulating the possible portal position to escape the 7th level of ORE, succesfully reaching the womb thrower entity and if you grab and apple and throw it to head of it you can succesfully earn the achievement achievement and then thatd be entirely it but with 20 dolalrs you can find the exit taht takes you to survival server with bill gate the builder man

wait the suvival already exist how this happen when can i open it’??



on godddddd

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please go yell at zombachu to reopen synergy survival