The Last Poster Wins - Continued


idk where i died in the end help me pls

I’d recommend making a post somewhere like #staff-help in the Discord server or something if you need actual help from staff

ORE focuses primarily on computational redstone (Adders, ALUs, CPUs, etc), as such, builds on applications such as this must be related to computational redstone. A tnt cannon or piston door do not qualify. Application denied, feel free to reapply whenever.

The project demonstrated in this application is not sufficient or amazing enough to become an Engineer. The redstone build needs to be computational and impressive. Getting Engineer is a hard task and has a large difference between the Student user.

Before applying for Engineer, we require that you have earned Builder first. You can read about applying for Builder here.

NAHHHHHH you used to answer:

You’ll need to apply for Builder prior to applying for Engineer.


fatal tempo goes brrrrr

If you can see the difference between two dots, you’re a GENIUS!
. .

*when you can’t see a difference but you don’t want anyone to know so then you ask others *

how to set my plots spawn point i wanna make a house at the middle of my plot

jokes on you
the 2nd dot is italic

look closely:
. .
| |
. .
| |



n0 uxd

im da winner