_TheRedex Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: _TheRedex
When you were banned (approximately): like a few mins ago
Why you were banned (if known): for “not following instructions”, even though what i did was literally nothing major and should’ve never been punished for in any capacity.
Why you should be pardoned: Because the ban was not fair. Also, you timed me out on discord for practically no reason, just to censor what I wanted to say. Censorship is obviously very “good” and encouraged in a nicktatorship!

It makes no sense how something minor like this should’ve been punished for. The whole thing is a waste of time and I’m not hoping anything out of this

Notice how you’re not denying the “not following instructions” part?

One case was continuing to place beds on a plot after that owner asked you not to. Another was not following in-game bot rules after being reminded of them. Another was to not press a button that could cause firecharge entities in school, yet you pressed it anyway.

Can you see our frustration?

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I removed the beds afterwards and haven’t placed them since, and it was literally 5 blocks up in the air which i was going to remove anyways because i just wanted to mlg
The bot rules are crappy, what I did was only use my bot to chat, and it never caused anything major
First of all, it was a lever, and second of all, I pressed it only to test it, it’s my plot anyways and I know for a fact that these entities will die, as they do hit walls after a period of time, most were absorbed by buildings in my plot.

Just the fact that punishment is granted no matter the user’s innocence already proves the lack of freedom and democracy. You only did it because it “frustrated” you. Maybe it did, but I never did anything worthy of a 24hr ban.

I was afk and I did take some time to “cool off” in some regard.

I have thought about it, and I do see your frustration. It’s just that I don’t see how something minor required a 24hr ban, and now a 7d one.

I’m sorry for the frustration, it’s just that it makes no sense how frustration was the reason to banning someone for something that should’ve been dealt with passively instead of taking action.

edit: love how all of this was done silently and not even a single warning, and then ignored when i make a reply :smiley:

Only some mods are cool
The others are annoying

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Do not reply on another member’s appeal