_TheRedX Ban Appeal (2)

Mojang Name: _TheRedX
When you were banned (approximately): I don’t know, like a year ago or something? At least it feels like it has been a year.
Why you were banned (if known): I literally don’t remember this was a long time ago.
Why you should be pardoned: This has been already a long time ago and I don’t even remember why was I banned anymore. I want to note, this is not a network ban, but a survival server ban. I haven’t played survival ever since this ban, since I wasn’t able to.

Now that that’s said, egg

Survival bans historically only last through that single season. Given a new one has started, your ban will be revoked.
Give me about 5 minutes and I will pop on survival and unban you.

Amazing, thanks!

Update: You are now pardoned