_TheRedX Ban Appeal

Hey, so I was banned on ORE, I got mad at the time so said “fine, ban me”.
I regret it now and would like to be unbanned. This is my first post on discourse, so if I do anything wrong, let me know.

Mojang Name: _TheRedX
When you were banned (approximately): I literally dont remember, the time I still have to wait for is 55 days.
Why you were banned: Childish memes and defiance
Why you should be pardoned: I regret what I did and would like to do things on the server again and make progress on my current redstone knowledge

Last time I was banned, I basically completely lost the will to do anything on the server and just joined and came to say hi and stuff, but I am willing to try and improve.

Thank you if you decide to unban me, and if not, I guess maybe I’m not fit to be in this server after all.

If I wont be unbanned, I’ll likely quit the community for good and move on. I’ve ruined my reputation already.

Staff has discussed your ban and we have decided to accept your appeal, you are unbanned. I would very strongly advise that you keep the rules in mind and be careful what you do from here on out.

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Thanks, I will try. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff, mainly video creation, so I will not come online today, but probably tomorrow.

Hey, have you unbanned me from the Discord too? I can’t join.

I haven’t been on here for a while and so I don’t remember if i was banned after this.

You have been unbanned from the discord

Hi Flazer,

Do not post in another person’s appeal. Create a New Topic and follow the form. Locking this thread.