This isn’t a ban Appeal, this is a ban suggestion

Requested Change: A warning system instead of a Jump-to-the-ban instant mindset of mods.
Reasons for change: I posted an nsfw meme today. I got instantly banned, No warnings or anything. All I got was a little reply in that chat saying “message deleted” and I thought “Oh ok I got a warning I won’t do that again”. 10 minutes later I guess the mod decided I commited a serious crime and assumed I was going to do it again. Sure, delete the message and give me a warning, but what’s the reasoning behind an instant ban? So I went to go complain on discourse, got denied because “I wasn’t taking it seriously enough”
What was I even supposed to take seriously? The message got deleted, I know not to do that again, and all was well again until I got banned from the server.
Bruh moment.
I also have a very important suggestion on that server I have to get back to, because it determines whether this server is gonna have working wireless redstone connections or not.
I am forever pissed about this
Reasons for no change (optional but recommended):
If you benefit from other people getting banned
If you’d like to have room for error, and when you do make an error, not have to do the whole damn appeal process

This is not an appropriate place to rant about your ban