This server definitely needs to chill out with moderation

Today, approximately 10-15 minutes ago, I wanted to ask _rzecz something. The question was urgent, I thought asking him maybe a couple times, 4 times, should do. Rz finally responds, which makes me happy.
This is then followed by Whiskers_xd telling me that while I did tell others not to spam, me spamming myself. I did not notice this, so I thought it’d be a fun idea to make a funky joke.
I pretended that I never chatted that. This instantly made others chuckle. And because of that, I decided to keep going.
Whiskers then kept sending images from Discord that truly demonstrate that I did send those messages from different dates, dating all the way back starting from August 10 2022, which was more than a year ago.
Well, to keep going with this kind of joke, I chatted that the image was “completely made up”.
And they kept sending! Then I was pretending those images were not just made up, but also AI-generated by the Dall-E platform. Whiskers then shows me how to see a history of messages I’ve sent, and I just chat that they asked the Dall-E image generator to generate “discord on a phone with a crying kid 75rx telling others to stop spamming” or something like that, and I pretended the image really looks like AI-generated.
But to keep going, I pretended that I was kinda like “crying”. I sent a message that Whiskers “seRioUsLY needs to stop” (not really), that he’s like the one causing drama and arguments, but it’s all just a joke. This then awakens Koyarno and chats that I’m at the “red line”. Huh?! It’s just a joke, calm down! So I chat all that it’s all just a joke (it really is) and I get a kick from the server. Now I don’t know if it’s the moderation itself or just Koyarno, but, I didn’t violate any kind of rule. Did I disrespect someone? Did I spam a lot? I did, but only 4 messages and those were necessary. Did I impersonate someone? Did I do something else? No. None of these makes the violation of the chat rules and I still get under trouble.

Here’s the suggestion. Calm down from all of simple things. I really chatted that it was just a joke, not a hurtful one, and still a kick. From over 30 unique servers, most of which were also small servers like ORE is, I’ve NEVER, EVER, seen moderation being such a weirdness. Just what kind of server is this with that type of moderation? It doesn’t have to be this strict or unfair.
I hope you take my suggestion into the consideration.

Alright so we have a few thoughts about your post:

  1. Deescalating a player conflict with a kick has precedent on ORE. It’s not necessarily a frequent solution but it does happen.
  2. Intentionally causing fake drama which it seems was unclear to both Whiskers and Koy puts it more in line with legitimate drama.
  3. Your past history with player conflicts would make it easy to believe a fake conflict (especially one where the other person believes it) is genuine.
  4. Being kicked is simply not a big deal. You spent mere seconds off the server. It might require more of a discussion if you were tempbanned, but this really isn’t worth concern.

For more clarification about what I was thinking, so initially 75rx started spamming then I said: “75 you tell people to stop spamming and now you’re spamming”. I didn’t think much of it, then 75 said: “whis stop lying I never said anything like that” then about “that’s all made up” , “Stop causing drama”. Basically from those statements I didn’t know that 75 was actually joking, I thought he was serious. Other players like elliohim and rzecz and hyperholy were being sarcastic. So yeah the reason why I kept going was bc I didn’t think it was a joke, if it was I would’ve stopped immediately. I hope this clears any confusion and the conflict is just resolved. What les said also is true.


If I clarify I never chatted these things while there’s clearly a message visible through discord, it should be clear that it is indeed a joke.

BTW, 4 and actually needed messages should be doable without any kind of violation of the chat. Chatting something just 4 times is really not that big of a deal, and even if so, there was still a point.

To clarify what I really chatted:
“rzecz rzecz”
“rzecz rzecz rzecz”
“rzecz rzecz”
just trying rzecz to urgently pay attention to chat.

Also, I do have to mention something just in case. Whiskers actually did nothing wrong, all I’m complaining is what happened recently. Even though nobody thought of that, worth mentioning.

Right. I do think you forgot the part where my last message before a kick was a clarification that it is a simple joke, what can be hurtful with it. Still got under trouble. Looks like that clarification is still not resolving the issue.

Yes, a kick is indeed not that big of a deal, but it also shows the sign of negativity from the staff members, so maybe that still requires a bit to calm down for.

Making a fake drama is a REAL drama. It still has the same appearance to other people and to staff looks like drama. Staff will not want to not ban you for saying “it was a joke” or something like that (because everyone could do that even if it was genuine drama).

Also, why would you even make fake drama if you just wanted to do it as a joke or something? That sounds more in line with just drama.


Time and place, Boopy. Joke somewhere that isn’t a moderation thread.

  1. Clarification and sense

    I did clarify this was a joke, makes sense. Although, to staff, this should be true that it is a joke. Looking into screenshots posted by Whiskers_xd that demonstrate I already told others not to spam while spamming myself and pretending those are all fake or AI-generated, combining all of this PLUS the clarification before a kick that it was a non-hurtful joke, should create a sense of logic that it is truly a joke and has no deservation for a red line. If staff ignored all these screenshots or were AFK, that'd be acceptable. However, it looked like staff wasn't. I do assume they check screenshots when they're sent through discord to find and establish incidents related to inappropriate screenshots that have to be removed in a specific way. So chances are high that they clearly found it as a joke somehow or not, and still got me under trouble.
  2. No disrespects or violation of chat

    I don't have to clarify more about this section, it is already self-explanatory.
  3. Jokes in the drama makes it easier to treat the drama as a joke

    You know that, if there's a drama, I can take it super seriously to establish it quickly, even if I get in ban. However, I didn't take it seriously at all.
    While we did have a drama, I also didn't clarify I was making jokes IN THE DRAMA, which makes it senseful that it's a joke. For example, I was sending the message "i will report you !! you shall be banned !! stop it !11! that's a threat !11!1!!1". With those kinds of 1's instead of exclamation marks, it shouldn't be hard to see this as a joke, right? Or maybe if I was wrong, but obviously I wasn't doing any kind of threat, "you shall be banned", or report. That's gonna obviously be the violation of chat rules and disrespecting others, I acknowledge that as a rule and try to keep the community appropriate. I purposely put this kind of formatting to define it as a true joke. I also put "i will sue you for $233 quintillion dollars if you continue !!". Now this is just funny. I don't know who is he, what is his address, what is his name, where does he live, so how can I possibly sue him, AND, 233 quintillion dollars? I bet not even the entire planet Earth has this amount of money, and even if it does, not even the world's 5 most richest companies COMBINED can have this much money - it's far away. As they kept continuing, I chatted "ok you're under trouble for being sued for 233 quintillion dollars". You can clearly see this is a joke. This doesn't look like the violation of chat, and with this amount of money nobody ever had, anyone can find this as a joke.

Now the drama doesn’t look like a serious one, isn’t it?

Now, why I did the fake drama? I just wanted to keep it a bit funnier. While I was doing some serious dramas before over controversial things with other players, others were chuckling and “grabbing a popcorn”. And because the start of the joke was funny, I targeted at continuing the joke, and thought maybe starting a fake drama can make things funny.

I made some edits to the previous response though, might be important to read

Bedless stated it but I’ll repeat it. Stirring up fake drama only serves to cause real drama, as you have done here. You could have avoided this by not stirring up fake drama. Regardless, even if it was apparent you were joking, it may be perceived as harassing others.

Ask yourself how you would feel if someone was doing this to you. Do you think you would be annoyed by it? Do you think it would be reasonable for a Staff member to kick the person doing this to you?

I think a kick here was a perfectly reasonable response. It was only a kick.