Trial Questions I Ask

Here are some example trial questions

It is unlikely that these exact questions are asked, do not simply memorize these questions if you hope to pass.


Questions about converting between Binary and Base Ten (Decimal).

  • What is 0b110010 in Base Ten? (Answer: 50)
  • What is 0b10110 in Base Ten? (Answer: 22)
  • What is 0b101001 in Base Ten? (Answer: 41)
  • What is 26 in Binary? (Answer: 11010)
  • What is 13 in Binary? (Answer: 1101)
  • What is 37 in Binary? (Answer: 100101)


Questions about Negative numbers in Binary.

  • How do we represent negative values in binary? (Answer: 2’s complement / Invert and Add 1)
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b100011 using 6 bits? (Answer: 011101)
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b111000 using 6 bits? (Answer: 001000)
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b010101 using 6 bits? (Answer: 101011)
  • What is -19 in binary using 6 bits? (Answer: 101101)
  • What is -14 in binary using 6 bits? (Answer: 110010)
  • What is -28 in binary using 6 bits? (Answer: 100100)


Questions about Arithmetic and Logical Operations in Binary.

  • What is 0b100101 + 0b100011? (Answer: 1001000)
  • What is 0b011010 - 0b110010? (Answer: -11000) (2’s comp result also accepted)
  • What is 0b011001 OR 0b001011? (Answer: 011011)
  • What is 0b100110 AND 0b101010? (Answer: 100010)
  • What is 0b001110 XOR 0b001101? (Answer: 000011)
  • What is 0b010110 NOR 0b110100? (Answer: 001001)
  • What is 0b011100 NAND 0b101100? (Answer: 110011)
  • What is 0b101001 XNOR 0b010101? (Answer: 000011)

ALU Explanation

Questions about the way an ALU works. (Questions may vary with other trial builds)

  • Which gate is primarily used in the inverters? (XOR)
  • In terms of A, B, and Cin, when is this torch (carry torch from the second half adder) on? ((A XOR B) AND Cin) or (When one of A or B is on AND Cin)
  • How does the OR line make the 1st row of XOR gates operate like a row of OR gates? (Disabling the middle torch means it won’t disable the output when both inputs are on)
  • Why does FC act as an output inverter when used with OR? (Overriding the carry lines to be on means the 2nd row of XORs is working as inverters for the outputs of the 1st row of XORs)

ALU Demonstration

Questions to test the ALU. (Questions may vary with other trial builds)

  • Show me 0b0111 + 0b1101. (Answer: 10100)
  • Show me 0b1011 - 0b1110. (Answer: 1101)
  • Show me 0b0011 OR 0b1001. (Answer: 1011)
  • Show me 0b1110 AND 0b1010. (Answer: 1010)
  • Show me 0b0110 XOR 0b1100. (Answer: 1010)
  • Show me 0b1110 NOR 0b1011. (Answer: 0000)
  • Show me 0b1010 NAND 0b1101. (Answer: 0111)
  • Show me 0b0110 XNOR 0b0011. (Answer: 1010)
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