Trial Questions I Ask

Here are some example trial questions

It is unlikely that these exact questions are asked, do not simply memorize these questions if you hope to pass.


  • What is 0b1001 in Base Ten? (Answer: 9)
  • What is 0b110 in Base Ten? (Answer: 6)
  • What is 7 in Binary? (Answer: 111)
  • What is 13 in Binary? (Answer: 1101)


  • How do we represent negative values in binary? (Answer: 2’s complement / Invert and Add 1)
  • What is negative 0b1101 using 2’s complement with 4 bits? (Answer: 0011)
  • What is negative 0b1001 using 2’s complement with 4 bits? (Answer: 0111)


  • What is 0b1101 + 0b1011? (Answer: 11000)
  • What is 0b1011 OR 0b1010? (Answer: 1011)
  • What is 0b1001 AND 0b1101? (Answer: 1001)
  • What is 0b1001 XOR 0b1110? (Answer: 0111)

ALU Explanation

  • Which gate are the inverters equivalent to?
  • When is this wall torch on?
  • How does the OR line make the 1st row of XOR gates operate like a row of OR gates?
  • Why does FC act as an output inverter?

ALU Demonstration

  • Show me 0b1110 + 0b0111. (Answer: 10101)
  • Show me 0b1011 - 0b1101. (Answer: 1110)
  • Show me 0b0110 OR 0b1010. (Answer: 1110)
  • Show me 0b1110 AND 0b1101. (Answer: 1100)
  • Show me 0b1011 XOR 0b0111. (Answer: 1100)
  • Show me 0b1110 NOR 0b0101. (Answer: 0000)
  • Show me 0b1001 NAND 0b0011. (Answer: 1110)
  • Show me 0b0110 XNOR 0b1101. (Answer: 0100)

Here is how my trial usually goes:

My trials are a maximum of 45mins, and there are three phases:

  1. Preliminary Questions
    In this section, the Testificate is asked questions on base conversions, bit-wise operations, and any circuit in the link below. (from Logic Circuits down). Usually five questions
    Redstone circuits – Minecraft Wiki
  2. Build Phase
    Testificates build their circuit as specified in the application.
  3. Trial Questions
    I ask some questions to evaluate the Testificate’s understanding of their circuit. They may be asked to describe what certain parts do.