Trial Speedruning

Note: This is not an official event and not all staff are involved

What is Trial Speedrunning?

Essentially a normal Builder Trial where the goal is to go as fast as possible while maintaining the spirit of a Builder Trial.


  1. The timing begins when the first block of the build is placed and ends after the final correct answer is shown on the ALU.

    • Timing is handled by the staff member running the trial and recordings are not required.
  2. Builds used during the trial must be 4-wide 4 bit RCA ALUs.

    • The ALU should have: !A, !B, Cin, OR, and FC
    • This is in place to keep things far more consistent.
    • It also means the speed of building is reliant less on the type of build and more on your specific implementation and execution.
  3. All work must be done without assistance from software or other people

    • This means no mods to help automatically place blocks or even show where to build.
    • This also means you can’t get the answers from a program or another person.
  4. This list of rules is not exhaustive.

    • Loopholes that go against the spirit of a typical trial are not permitted.
    • We can’t plan for every situation but feel free to run your plans by us in advance to ensure a smooth run.

Trial Questions

Here is an example list of all the questions asked during the trial, including asking the testificate to use the ALU.
These questions are always asked in order, however the specific values used may vary.
Binary values are prefixed with 0b to avoid confusion.


  • What is 0b110010 in Base Ten?
  • What is 0b11001 in Base Ten?
  • What is 0b1101 in Base Ten?
  • What is 42 in Binary?
  • What is 35 in Binary?
  • What is 28 in Binary?


  • What is 0b011100 + 0b001101?
  • What is 0b010110 - 0b111000?
  • What is 0b110100 OR 0b011010?
  • What is 0b010101 AND 0b011001?
  • What is 0b110001 XOR 0b100011?
  • What is 0b101100 NOR 0b101010?
  • What is 0b100101 NAND 0b001011?
  • What is 0b110010 XNOR 0b101001?


  • How do we represent negative values in binary?
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b010110 using 6 bits?
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b100101 using 6 bits?
  • What is the 2’s compliment of 0b011100 using 6 bits?
  • What is -13 in binary using 6 bits?
  • What is -19 in binary using 6 bits?
  • What is -26 in binary using 6 bits?

ALU Explanation

  • Which gate is primarily used in the inverters?
  • In terms of A, B, and Cin, when is this torch
  • How does the OR line make the 1st row of XOR gates operate like a row of OR gates?
  • Why does FC act as an output inverter when used with OR?

ALU Demonstration

  • Show me 0b1110 + 0b1011.
  • Show me 0b1101 - 0b0111.
  • Show me 0b0110 OR 0b1110.
  • Show me 0b0101 AND 0b0011.
  • Show me 0b1010 XOR 0b0111.
  • Show me 0b0111 NOR 0b1010.
  • Show me 0b0110 NAND 0b1110.
  • Show me 0b1011 XNOR 0b1100.

Other Information

Currently involved staff include: IAmLesbian
Speedrun Trials do not take priority over normal Builder Trials nor are they a significant priority in general.


  1. 31:13 - jenra_uwu
  2. 34:42 - jenra_uwu
    That’s all the times we’ve got, go do a run to land a spot here!

ez, just invite capo to your single player world - worked for me :slight_smile:

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