A Voxel-like Game Engine that focuses on customizability & speed.

Planned Features(as of 8th of August 2020):


The engine primarily works with cubes but supports external models.

Module API

This is the main feature of Tukxel, Modules. They can be coded in C#(using DllExport) or C++ & are very feature-rich.
They will be able to:

  • Add and Replace Blocks & Entities
  • Use custom Models and Textures
  • Listen for & Execute at ‘Game Events’
  • Communicate with other Modules
  • Specify other Server Protocols
  • Developers Developers Developers

Smaller Features

  • Virtual Surround & Multi Speaker Configurations support
  • Small & Easy to Share World Files
  • Multiplayer
  • Customizable Shaders

Join us on Discord
Githubs: C# Client, C++ Client

Current Developers(As of 8th of August 2020):

  • Tukeque, C# Developer & Orginal Creator
  • GamingLiamStudios, C++ Developer
  • Legend, C++ Developer
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