Unable to Join Server

Hi there,
i’m trying to join the server from the Official Minecraft Launcher,
version 1.18.2, correct IP, but when the “loading terrain” appears, the game freezes and crashed shorty after with exit code -805306369. I’ve tried to allocate as much as 16GB of ram, but i still have this issue.
I have a good computer so i don’t think that’s the problem, if it’s relevant i live in Italy.

Have you tried joining other servers?
If that works, I suggest you to try these steps.

Check if your device has enough memory

Open the task Manager, and make sure your device has enough memory while joining the server.

Allocate less memory
16Gb RAM may be a lot. Try allocating 2 to 4 GB instead.

Check your graphics driver
Make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date.

Disable mods
Usually mods affect the visibility and gaming experience. Try disabling all of them off.

Use a default texture pack
If the texture pack selected is incompatible with your version of Minecraft, I suggest temporarily using a default texture pack to see if that helps.

Reset Minecraft settings
Warning: All Minecraft settings will be reset, including sounds, texture packs, video settings, etc.
On Windows:
Press Windows + R, and copy paste this command:
cmd /C "del %appdata%\.minecraft\options.txt & echo Minecraft settings were reset. Relaunch Minecraft to apply changes. Press any key to exit. & Pause >nul & exit"

Restart your device
One common thing to try is restarting the computer.

Ask Staff to teleport you to Spawn
If that helps, this means some blocks were around you that Minecraft can’t render. I had that once.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, in the end i solved it by disabling fullscreen. I don’t know why or how but apparently it is a bug of some sort.

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