Unban Appeal 2023

Mojang Name: Thomas_Anders
When you were banned (approximately): Today a few mins ago
Why you were banned (if known): I have been playing since 2015. I got banned at first because I was saying dumb shit when I was 11, and after that I had like 4 alts in the server. Some of you may remember JesseRCA or LBSC.
Why you should be pardoned: It’s been many years and I’ve realised that those things are silly and I really want to play again

This isn’t a final decision and only reflects my opinion, not the opinions of the staff team.

The best way to approach a situation like this wasn’t to start by ban evading, then appeal after being banned. I don’t see you being unbanned anytime soon though there may be consideration towards something less than a permanent ban.

Following a staff discussion and vote, your appeal has been denied.

Ban evasion is taken quite seriously on ORE and we feel that your appeal does not properly provide a reason to reduce or remove your current punishment. A one-line reason like the one you’ve submitted is far from sufficient. We want more than “It’s been many years”, “I’ve realized that those things are silly”, and “I want to play again”. We recommend taking some time before submitting another appeal if you choose to do so.

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