Update on Calculating log base 10 with redstone

I recently previewed a Log calculator that worked in binary, but now I have made a completely different machine using Binary Coded Decimal or BCD. I used a BCD algorithm in order to use only shift and add. it’s faster in practice and could be implemented in software with a BCD architecture. obviously this machine is built for this algorithm, however it is to show the theory behind it. The trick behind the BCD is that it can divide by n/10 or n/100 or n/1000 and so on in my case, just by shifting a BCD number. So the reason for that being usefull is that I can do : 2*1.1 = 2.2 same as 2 + .2 = 2.2 . That’s just one example as this algorithm uses a correlation technique between predetermined log values and the target number, or input.

last note, the accuracy is about 0.00 decimal places