Update Servers to 1.19.4?

I know I’m new here, but if it’s possible, I’d like to suggest updating the servers to Minecraft version 1.19.4.

This is because I believe MC version 1.19.4 has extremely exciting possibilities for computational redstone, with jukeboxes in Minecraft Java edition now having feature parity with their Bedrock Edition counterparts.

If you need more info, below is a link to a 2-part series about a creation made with this new interactivity:

project overview

project explanation

While each new update brings a few additions which can relate to redstone, we don’t feel that it’s worth updating our servers to 1.19 for the few features it adds.

Yeah there isn’t really much of a reason to update. Other than causing a few less mc restarts. You also can use ViaFabric to connect to the server on a newer version.

I do think ViaVersion should be added to the server just so that every future version can connect without needing to update. It would not really impact performance.

The reasons you mentioned would not really impact the server much. Mostly just having a jukebox machine… I do think that some may like that, but it is not the focus of ORE, which is to explain and teach computer science in the form of redstone.

P.S. Idk if im allowed to comment :skull: