Video demo of Log(x) , Ln(x) calculation in minecraft

Heyo , in this recent model of the logarithm calculator, I have implemented Ln(x) along side the log(x) as those are common operations to use. the machine works in BCD to use a shift and add algorithm
in which the video will explain.

Log calculation video


Nice design. I really like this kind of project. I’ve made a BCD calculator with + and - operation. Was fun to make and it was a bit faster than binary system because we don’t need to convert the result.

You should add all your systems in planetminecraft so I cannot miss them.

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BCD is fun, I like the BCD algorithms a lot for its use cases, and yea no need to do bin to bcd conversions XD . I will probably make a world download of my secret project tho.

the ti-85?