Wiewior2001t Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: Wiewior21t
When you were banned (approximately): 2-3 years ago maybe even 4
Why you were banned (if known):
-I was checking other peoples building and I flew to some big machine and there was a book shelf
so I pick it up it was called Instructions so I open it some weird chat popped up and I got insta banned Idk what book did to server. If you wonder why I wasn’t appeal sooner that because when i was trying contact staff trough discord they also banned me from discord server before I was even able to explain the situation, and at this point I give up.
Why you should be pardoned: It was long ago and and I was tricked to doing forbidden things and beside that I never had any bad experience in your server. I try other server but they are not very friendly. So I try to return to you.

Your appeal is currently being reviewed and you should receive a verdict within the next day or so.

Following a staff discussion and vote, you have been unbanned.

You’ve been warned before, stop posting on stuff like this or we’ll have to take additional action