Wireless Redstone Plugin Across Map/Plots

As with my previous suggestion, this suggestion is to attempt to make sending signals across plots easier to do for more than one plot over. I propose adding a component or block or whatever is appropriate that you can link to others of the same type and you can select multiples or just one. Nick told me that Paukka had a pins idea I don’t know what he was referencing tbh but he said it was possible 100% so I hope that this can be implemented. Also if it’s not possible technically that’s fine but I would love this.


Very good. I approve ! We could make some sort of network with computers so they can transmit and receive data, like IO but cross-cpu.

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This has been the topic of a few discussions previously in staff chat. We’ll look into it and see what we think.

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I for one think this is a really cool idea, there would be so many new project ideas and the possibilities would be endless. We could even make an intOREnet.

without chunk loading being an issue:)

Wow! This is a great idea since the new project ideas can be ASTRONOMICALL considering the comunnity here, FlyingParrot has a good idea as well. The intOREnet lol

It’s been more than a week, was there any progress?

As far as I’m aware, nothing has happened yet. Staff have other stuff to worry about before getting to this.

If shulker box item drops despawn after a few seconds longer, then I could get a wireless redstone system working server wide using entity Id’s.