User(s): Wueffi mainly, but also kinda auzi
When: 12:10 to 12:17 ish
Description: I joined the seasonal server and went over to some chickens, wait for eggs, and Wueffi cam over and started killing me, I found it funny-ish, thought it was a joke, and played along… Then when i respawn, he starts shooting me, I ask him to stop, he doesn’t and keeps shooting me. I ask him again, and he says sorry, but doesn’t stop, and then proceeds to kill me. The when I respawn, he continues to shoot me (and Auzi was punching me) until i left back to build. It’s not rly that serious, but iirc it’s happened before (I didn’t report it), and its annoying. Makes it difficult to play.

Im Sowwy thought it was a joke smth

You obviously need to work on ur social skills then. I told you to stop many times. And, after you said u were sorry and that you’d stop you continued to do it. I don’t buy this at all tho.

Is there a time period that I should be expecting any kind of staff response?

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I’m really sorry like no lie wont do it again

The thing is, I don’t think you are

so what more do you want him to say exactly?
he’s apologized-it’s not like there’s anything more for him to actually do

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Ye ?? Fanfare i can gift ya something [emerald or iron or smth]

Sorry for not responding yesterday but Staff are discussing this currently.


Thank you

ur right, theres nothing more he can do… everytime i ask him to stop smth, he says sorry and keeps doing it… whether thats pinging or smth in game. I’m frankly fed up with dealing with it myself or ignoreing it, and want him to learn a lesson tbh

Due to the nature of Seasonal having keepInventory set to True, we decided to issue a temporary seasonal ban.


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