XxVoid_GamerxX Ban Appeal

**Mojang Name:XxVoid_GamerxX
**When you were banned (approximately):about a month ago? idk
**Why you were banned (if known): rail dupe go brrrr
**Why you should be pardoned:
I was stupid to do this, the idea randomly came to me and I thought “oh ima rail dupe, idc abt rules”. The most I can say is I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again. However, though, I am slightly confused as to why I was banned. Don found out, and watched me dissassemble the machine. Yet, at least 2 months later, I was banned???
Anyways, that’s it.
(also please pardon me I want to build a railgun that kills the dragon)

Also, this is a survival ban, not a full one

We have a zero tolerance policy on survival server. When the map resets, you can join again.

We do this because the ban is - precisely - only limited to survival and the impact for tempbans was not effective enough in the past.