Zx13's Engineer Application

Minecraft name: zx13

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates sufficient engineering knowledge?: I’m learning logic and slimestoning, mostly logic with hex and bin.

What engineering work went into designing this device?: A binary encoder, automatic shulkerfiller, and supersmelter.

Image/s and/or video/s of the device: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1128475507940409535/1131996235264442469/2023-07-21_13.06.53.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1128475507940409535/1131997497015930920/2023-07-21_13.13.13.png

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I’m sure I can post here (I saw other people unrelated post to my engineer application).

I would like to mention that unfortunately the redstone you provided isn’t even enough for a Builder application.

For a builder application, you need to build something like an ALU.
For an engineer application, you need to build something like a CPU, GPU, or anything similar.
Also, you cannot jump directly from Student to Engineer (I’m assuming you’re a Student).

Also, the build must be a computational redstone build. Things like farms or a super smelter is not something you can achieve Engineer and Builder from. ORE is a server where most of us, or perhaps, all of us, do computational redstone, so if you’re applying to become an Engineer or a Builder, we expect a computational redstone build.

Yes, you did in fact make a decoder, but that is too simple. Even though it is technically a computational redstone invention, but still nowhere close to at least get you a Builder. You need to build something really impressive if you wish to become an Engineer, and it must be a computational redstone build. It’s really hard and only around 10-15 players on ORE actually achieved it. Practically every redstone engineer uses decoders daily.

Please read these 2 articles separately:

You’ll need to apply for Builder prior to applying for Engineer.

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