75rx Ban Appeal (4)

Mojang Name: 75rx
When you were banned (approximately): About in December 13 2021
Why you were banned (if known):

Why you should be pardoned: I’ll start with the questions asked by nickster258.

  1. Here, you are literally blaming your ban on someone else.

-Can agree. You made me notice that. But I am a nice guy, unlike before, believe me.

  1. What is the difference in between your previous appeal? (Previous appeal compared to 2 appeals back)

-There wasn’t any reason why I should be pardoned, except for asking

  1. Players should wait at least days before trying to do a ban appeal.

-It’s been 43 days since my ban, so I should pretty much be able to appeal.

These are the questions that I asked so that you may ask.

  1. How to proof am I nice or not this time?

-Just give me the last chance, please. You’ll see that I am actually a nice guy this time.

  1. Why did I say death threats (1) to messloona?

-Because I manually made a mistake to get banned for 14 days.

I needed to not say that linux is ugly, instead, I had to say I don’t like linux. I also had to say 3 reasons why I don’t like linux.

  1. Will I update to linux? (Not optional)

Nope. I got a new laptop with 8 cores CPU 4.1GHz Ryzen 7 4700U, 8GB 2667MHz RAM, 512GB SSD and AMD Radeon Graphics. Never lags even with minecraft 1.18.1 launched, I don’t really need that. Windows 10 20H2 in it.

5 reasons why I shouldn’t update to kali linux, pop!_os, zorin os, etc:

-Bad UI (user interface)
-Bad fonts
-Reveals scary commands at boot
-Bad drivers (optional)
-Small screen resolution (optional)

  1. How do I like this server?

  2. Rating 10/10. Probably the best server I’ve played on. This is ridiculously sad I’ve got unbanned. I will never do that again, but most importantly - I am a nice guy. Believe me… i tried.

  3. I could support this server in discord and I have a discord account, but let me grow other 3 years to finally use discord as they will report me for being young, so I will try to hide out from everyone right now.

And that’s it. I will wait for to get replied yet I hope I would at least get my ban shortened. If I also made a mistake on this appeal, tell that. Yet I will not sleep a night trying to get a reply and see text “ban shortened” or “we have decided to SHORT your ban” or just “unbanned”. Just can’t wait to get unbanned.

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