A while ago I thought about making a hex-based CPU (signal strength rather than binary).
I discarded the idea at the time in favor of ideas that seemed easier.
But now I feel like attempting the project seeing as I have more experience with hex-based logic.

Byte² Specs:

  • 16 Hit (Hex Digit) Data (Byte = 8 bit, 8*8 = 64, 16 hit = 64 bit, thus Byte² or Byte Squared)
  • ?? Clock Speed
  • 4 Stage Pipeline (Fetch, Decode, Execute, Writeback)
  • All common operations + Less common operations (Hardware mult, div, and mod along with barrel shift and rotate)
  • 16 Ports for sending and receiving data
  • ?? RAM Addresses

Edit: Removed random stuff that I don’t care about, updated the list, etc


I still think 16 hex digits are too much to wire, but: I absolutely love the name


may imention: slow

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Yeah I’ve got my work cut out for me with the amount of wiring I have to do. But if I get the equivalent of a 64 bit CPU I think it’d be worth it for some aspects to be less than ideal.

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Yeah hex does typically seem to be at least a bit slower than the binary equivalent, but at an ~4x reduction in size I’m not too bothered by that.

What if you would do double density, as in, twice eight bit wires so it’s not that tall (presuming you’re going with vertical wiring)?

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2 groups of 8 lines tall rather than 1 group of 16 lines tall? I’ll test it out at some point and see how the 2 compare, thanks for the suggestion.

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I will work on this with you you would have to teach me a bit but I will help best u can

This is a solo project, sorry

Why does he always want to help out just to say he has done something? :thinking:

why not just do something instead of helping someone else do something


Currently working out all the instructions.
“Isn’t this too much?”
I have no idea what you’re talking about and I’m planning to add more.
Also, yes, I’m missing conditional branches and probably other stuff too.

no SQRT, SIN, COS, TAN, SIMD, or floating point? shame

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Def no floating point, but I’ve legitimately been considering nth root stuff and trig stuff

what about fixed point?

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Probably leaving everything as integers but we’ll see

3 execution units at least O:

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well then how would u do trig stuff lol

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Likely with dark witchcraft but we’ll see what happens ig

alright I guess u can just round lmao