Computational Redstone


This is an index of sorts where I will leave a link to each redstone guide I create. I will leave names for each and list the recommended guides to check out before each. The order they are posted in this index is my recommended linear order, but it is not a required order and I encourage you to learn in any order you feel works best for you.



Prerequisites: None
Topics Covered:

  • Binary Counting
  • Binary to Decimal Conversion
  • Decimal to Binary Conversion

Logic Gates

Prerequisites: None
Topics Covered:

  • What are logic gates
  • How do they each work
  • How to build each gate

Boolean Algebra

Prerequisites: Logic Gates
Topics Covered:

  • What is Boolean Algebra
  • The Laws of Boolean Algebra
  • How to use Boolean Algebra

K-Maps (Planned)

Prerequisites: Boolean Algebra
Topics Covered:

  • What are K-Maps
  • How to use them

Basic Addition Circuits (Planned)

Prerequisites: Binary, K-Maps
Topics Covered:

  • Binary Addition
  • Designing Half Adders
  • Designing Full Adders
  • Subtracting via 2’s complement

ALUs (Planned)

Prerequisites: Addition Circuits
Topics Covered:

  • Designing an ALU
  • Using an ALU
  • Bitwise Logic

Memory (Planned)

Prerequisites: Logic Gates

  • Types of Memory Circuits
  • How each Circuit Works

Carry Lookahead Adder (Planned)

Prerequisites: Basic Addition Circuits
Topics Covered:

  • The issue with RCAs
  • The solution of CLAs

Carry Cancel Adder (Planned)

Prerequisites: Carry Lookahead Adder
Topics Covered:

  • The issue with CLAs
  • The solution of CCAs
  • Designing a CCA-based ALU


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