User(s): FanfareYT

When: Multiple times, some weeks and some days ago


Hi yall!

I’m reaching out to address a recent series of incident reports by Fanfare. Over the past few days, I’ve experienced firsthand the negative impact of his reports.

Firstly, FanfareYT has been submitting multiple reports for minor infractions, including two instances involving myself. These reports have not only left me feeling frustrated and unfairly targeted but have also led to unnecessary tension within the community.

Moreover, a quick Google search of my username now prominently displays these reports at the top of the results page. This has the potential to significantly damage my reputation within the community (and on other Servers too) and create a false perception of my conduct on the server.

It’s also important to note that in the last instance where Fanfare reported me, the issue was resolved before Fanfare submitted his report. In other words, he reported me for an incident that had already been resolved, further highlighting the unnecessary nature of these reports.

Furthermore, FanfareYT’s behavior escalated after a conversation with Nick, during which I was temporarily timed out because of my messages. It was only after this interaction that FanfareYT chose to submit the reports against me. This sequence of events suggests a possible motive behind FanfareYT’s actions, as they seem to be using the reporting system more for just fun than for “real” reports.

In addition to the personal impact on myself and other players, these reports have disrupted the overall enjoyment of the server.

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss these incidents with some Players, and they share my concerns regarding his behavior.

Moving forward, I urge the Moderators to come together and find a resolution to this matter. Let’s work collaboratively to ensure that all players feel valued and respected.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and shares his Opinion on this.

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AI generated lmfao.

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AI generated or not, this isn’t a productive comment.

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I’d like to point out that the report was definitely submitted before the incident was resolved

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Even though I’m unrelated I’m extremely stupefied by this post and therefore wish to speak on Fanfare’s side,

First of all you say “FanfareYT has been submitting multiple reports for minor infractions”, you don’t attatch these reports so here they are:

The first post linked, regarding your overuse, or use at all of colors in #game-chat to impersonate, ended in nick literally writing that he had previously told you not to do this, as its a headache for the moderation team. The second post linked, and the only other post related to you that fanfare has made, regarding your spam/spawn-killing of Fanfare after he had told you to stop multiple times, ends in a temporary seasonal ban due to your behavior. This is not leading to “unnecessary tension within the community”, but to resolution as the issues targeted in these posts were problematic enough for action from the moderation team.

Moreover, a quick google search of your username prominently displays these infractions at the top of the results page. This isn’t related, this is not Fanfare’s fault, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s your own; those reports wouldn’t have been made if you had behaved. It does not create a “false perception” of your conduct on this server, it creates a perception of your conduct on this server.

Next you, or more accurately Chat-GPT, says that the last incident you were reported for was resolved before Fanfare had made his post. As far as I can tell, you cannot see the exact time a post was made here on discourse if it grows more than a day old, however it was undoubtedly on the same day that you were abusing this command, and according to Fanfare it was “definitely submitted before the incident was resolved”. More importantly, this doesn’t matter, as hours before you made this post you attempted to use colors again. Seriously, put any thought into anything you do.


It does seem like you were making a “joke” with this message, but what is the point of trying after you were already timed out and reported for it?

Furthermore, Fanfare’s posts were created because of your behavior. According to you: you received a timeout for, unsurprisingly, abusing colors, and afterword Fanfare reported you. You, or Chat-GPT, think that this suggests a motive behind Fanfare’s actions, as they were reported for fun. To simplify, after you were punished for bad behavior, you were reported for more bad behavior, and you think it’s because the person that reported you was doing it for fun. These are real reports, and they resulted in real punishments. What you have just described is called a conspiracy theory.

These reports have repaired the disrupted enjoyment of the server that came from you.

You have had the opportunity to discuss the incidents with “some players”. Would you like to tell the court who these mystical “some players” are, or would you rather leave it as vague as possible.

Moving forward, I urge you to behave on this server, or, as you should know by now, will be punished accordingly.

To end: I’m fairly convinced this is completely AI generated, and completely meaningless, due to how ridiculously stupid and shortsighted it is. I want a half hour of my time back.


What he said ^ xd

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Context of that one message btw

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Regarding the reports mentioned, I apologize for not providing specific details in my initial post. Thank you for sharing the content of the reports and providing context.

I understand that these incidents were significant enough to warrant action from the moderation team, and I acknowledge the impact they had on the server’s environment.

As for the Google search results displaying these infractions, I understand your point that it reflects my conduct on the server. However, my concern stems from the potential for these search results to create a skewed perception for new or unaware players who may not understand the context behind the incidents.

Furthermore, I was not informed in any way about the report on Discourse and saw it on accident while I was checking Ore News

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And I am Sorry that I use ChatGPT because Im not native english 0.o


“However, my concern stems from the potential for these search results to create a skewed perception for new or unaware players who may not understand the context behind the incidents.”

This is what we call “hind-sight is always 20-20”… When you behave in a way that results in people posting incident reports on your behavior… you live with those consequences… It sucks that it’s on your google search results but honestly…
A) Who the F joins a server as a new person and googles random users that’s really REALLY creepy behavior?
B) These offenses aren’t that serious and don’t really look that bad. Just view this as a learning oppurtunity to not do things that may get a report made.


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