My quest to fix a XR100R

I got a XR100R from a neighbor and thought “Huh” lets fix it
so here is a thingy about

so whats wrong with it?

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Piston rings, It burns oil like its drinking it

oh ok
but the cylinder bore is ok? taper, ridge n such

Ya its fine

Just the rings and gasket need some fixing

I’m sorry, what is an XR100R?

xr1000r is a bike EDIT. I mean xr100r but xr1000r is also a thing

it’s a dirtbike

O ok.

Can i have it?

No, Never Ever

I’m putting the top end back together! wish me good luck I guess

I just got it running!, i might need to sussy the carb

congratulations! hows it riding?

It’s riding fine, Just needs some tuning and a air filter since it backfires :frowning:

wouldnt backfiring be a timing issue?

Yes probably, I’m going to start with the easy stuff
1: air filter
2: valve check
3: timing check

valve was pretty straight forward on my old G80 but ig an air filter would be simpler xd

Most likely and hopefully

No, i mean timing