ORE Discourse: Increase Image size limit to 8 or 16 MB

On ORE Discourse, I would like to upload images that have a size >4MB. I have tons of them, especially GIF files. I can’t normally upload them, so my only choice is to tweak them by lowering the quality, resolution, and frames per second.

I would like them to be instead high quality and normal framerate, but that adds in another tens of megabytes. I believe 16MB might be fine at this point, but something tells me the server database might fill up pretty quickly. However, I barely post images that have size that large, as well as other players. They might need to receive a punishment if they purposely add lots of pointless large images.

I don’t see a reason that the image size limit is only 4MB. A normal funny meme probably cannot be uploaded at this point (probably), or maybe if we want to post videos on quotes for example. If you can, can staff please add a patch to ORE Discourse website so that we can upload images with a size equal to >4MB, like 8MB or 16MB?

Thanks in advance.

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since this forum is hosted by not ORE the image size may be fixed for a non-paying setup [I think]

Following a fairly brief staff discussion, we have decided not to increase the size limit given that there are countless other services which you can upload such a file, then use the resulting link here.

ok in this case this suggestion is resolved so move it to that category

Left it open in case you wanted to respond

actually which service i can use to upload an image?

Imgur is a popular choice

ok thanks 

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