ORE Election Discussion

Unofficial ORE Election Discussion Thread

The Nomination Announcement Thread gives a brief look at who people want. However, because each member can only nominate a single member, that doesn’t make it the best place to discuss who people feel should be chosen as a moderator for the upcoming election.

I invite all ORE members to voice your thoughts here on who you think everyone should consider and why. Name any number of people, reply to other people’s nominations and thoughts, have a friendly argument on which members would do the most good for ORE.

I will also have a poll on the post, IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL VOTE. Vote if you want and pick as many people as you’d like, it’s purely to give the curious an idea of what might happen during the actual elections.


The poll is anonymous and does not close, I will update it if I see new nominations.

  • IAmLesbian
  • Kuggo
  • StackDoubleFlow
  • Don_Manuel_1229
  • Powsi
  • _zebek
  • Tukeque
  • LAM678
  • ChocoFlufe
  • Aminotreal
  • __Meme__
  • sammyuri
  • Oscar91 aka Carlsone
  • LordDecapo (capocracy wen)
  • DMVerfurth

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I can’t edit the old poll so I added a new one

  • ArimB1000
  • Ecconia

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Aside from wanting to be a Moderator myself, I think people like Aminotreal, StackDoubleFlow, and Don_Manuel_1229 would be excellent candidates for Moderator. All 3 of them are skilled redstone users, they’re all fairly active, and I feel like they’d be good at handling the situations that come with moderation.

Amino has talked with me previously about various ideas for ORE and I think some of his thoughts on things like POL are the direction we should push ORE. He’s also been very patient when explaining redstone topics to me which I massively appreciate and I think is a good quality for a Moderator.

Don has also talked with me about various ideas including my Engineer rank proposal, he was good at finding things I might have missed and his opinion on things was generally very well-thought out.

Stack has helped me out with the ORE monthly competitions, he helped me figure out themes and in general with running the event.

I don’t mean to say there aren’t other amazing members of the ORE community, but those 3 are some of the people I’m most familiar with personally.

capocracy tiem

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possibly important to keep in mind that final voting will be ranked choice voting while this is approval voting

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Yeah, good point.

lol this became irrelevant

not anymore

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