[Player Conflict] Report from 75rx - Countless amounts of Arguments, unbearable jokes, not stopping


User(s): BedlessBlade
When: Last time: now
Description: For a while, we had no arguments with BedlessBlade. Everything was going fine and perfect. However, I was still being annoyed quite often by Bedless, unlike with other players.

Staff, after like 3 reports that I sent, please, issue this report by giving them a punishment.

  1. Argument about bans
    This one is probably fine, though I got pretty mad. They decided to make me mad about remembering the amount of bans I was getting in May and June of 2022.

  1. Wrong way of thinking someone being racist
    BedlessBlade had a pretty long argument, since they thought that _przygoda was racist due to them chatting the character ‘e’. However, prz (_przygoda) did nothing wrong. He wasn’t even racist. Many players asked BedlessBlade to stop. At last, BedlessBlade wanted to tell prz to stop chatting something like ‘e’. I personally chat that character to test lag, coming back from AFK, or knowing nothing to respond. Note that I am unsure if this is actually what was going on.

  1. Bad jokes about internet slowing down
    The amount of times I told BedlessBlade to stop was countless. I even had to threaten him as an alternate way to tell him to stop. I can’t say that this fully worked. They even pinged “staff”, which, I don’t think is allowed.
    I was basically having 10,000 ping. This makes the game un-playable. However, BedlessBlade was starting to make bad jokes about my internet. This is the latest report-related stuff.

  1. Insulting many players
    BedlessBlade used the ,insult chad command to insult multiple players. Don’t know if this is fine or not.
    So far I was able to show one insult command. This should be fine.

  1. Arguments again
    No words

Staff. Please. Just please. Ban this offender. I have submitted like 3 reports on the same offender, the maximum I got was a warning. It has been a year since this argument started - where the “year” is the first time I saw BedlessBlade - after my 6 month ban. Everything was going perfect when bedless wasn’t playing yet on ORE. I just want to play, but they come up, that keep annoying me.

First off, please read my reasons before you read this staff. It will make things make a lot more sense. Yeah I agree some photos don’t look good. Also the last one is because I thought sk8 had been insulting me by saying “That bed ran” but he later clarified he meant something else than me not wanting to argue.
Also the chad command for insult is not to be taken seriously. You are clearly grasping for straws as that photo is of a back and fourth using the insult command for some fun.
Nice on that one photo where I said “l” you conveniently scrolled up to the point where you don’t get mad at rz for saying “skill issue” at the same time as me saying “l”

I would like to note that all of these photos are out of context. I do take responsibility for them as I did not think he would take them out of context. Please look back at these chat logs in a neutral way not partial to either side.
Please again, read my thing explaining a lot of this.
Sincerely, -BedlessBlade
(PS I do not hate you btw I only wish to not be threatened and called names along with taking everything I ever do out of context)

ALSO: I would like to note that this user has been used on the AmITheJerk youtube channel many times all saying that HE is the guilty one by the community.

Locked this and the other one to avoid more back and forth because apparently you two can’t even stop bickering on incident reports.

I do appreciate the actual evidence supplied here, but I’d seriously advise using something to screenshot to avoid the significant distortion on the images in the future.

Staff are not your private army

We are here to help when people have issues, but if we’ve expressed problems with the exact same situation previously, we’re probably not gonna take your side. That just shows us that neither of you is learning from the warnings. I want to be clear that neither of you are in the right and have blatantly ignored multiple warnings.

Also, if you’re making a report, calling upon a staff member, or whatever else, then the best course of action is not to intentionally draw the other person’s attention to it or continue the conflict.



Don’t continue conversations that you want to avoid

All it requires to stop the conversation is for one of you not to say a thing. Below is an example of both of you continuing needlessly. The conversation had no reason to keep going from there but it did, 1 message at a time.

Bring up issues when they happen

Keeping a list of problems you have with the other person to pull out for these reports gives the impression your goal is less dealing with the specific issues and more piling things up to get them in trouble. Better late than never, but better on time than late if the goal is to handle these issues.

From Bedless’ Report (Various unnecessary mentions of the past)

From 75’s Report (Nearly a week ago now, likely not worth mentioning)


These reports and your actions aren’t satisfactory. You’ve both repeatedly ignored our warnings and we’ve reached the point where we finally went with a 1 week tempban. If this persists afterwards, we’ll provide you with a longer ban.