Posting innapropriate and disgusting images on Discord multiple times

User(s): vieneky
When: Last time: now
Description: Vieneky is a kind player, what I don’t really like is what he has done in the past and really a few minutes ago. The player sent really disgusting images many times, targeting me.

Let’s get started with somewhere July 2023, when the disaster has started happening.
Vieneky (shortly vien) asked me to check out something cool, I obviously answered yes.
Thus, he has sent this image, uploaded by yoareh on Discord, visible to everyone in chat:

This is a video from TikTok (a cringe social media that I barely watch anymore) (which I actually seen back in 2021 I think) that appears as they search “75rx”, which seems to be a dancing boy wearing like a girl. And I’m a boy too, I don’t like this!

I mean, yes, this is probably a joke, and I accept some jokes, but not the ones that go this far. Because everyone is just dying of laugh, I don’t like this!

I obviously told him not to upload this later, and he was even warned by staff members too!
And he’s “dying of laugh” too, can’t really stop spamming “XD”:

Would this report have to do with one image? Probably yes, it’s just too far.
And I did mention that I told him not to do this again and he was warned by staff too, maybe. Because it looks like the player misunderstands and while we were doing some funky quotes in game chat, vieneky has uploaded the same image, also visible by everyone:

And you know what’s worse? To other players, this is so funny that these players like BoopyDoopy129 for example have locally saved the image.

ALSO: No need to punish or advice players who locally saved the image. Just vieneky is the offender here.

In general, I don’t really want a punishment to be applied on the player. All I want is to staff tell him not to do this again, because, well, I don’t think he understands me again, so hopefully he should yet again understand staff, just like in another report I sent to the same player a month and a half ago. That image is way out of hand.

EDIT: I think that teen shown in the image I dislike is called “femboy”, but paired with the search result of “75rx” it just looks super weird. That’s the main reason I don’t like this - mainly due to what pops up with that search query.

“ah yes, another report” idc, everyone disrespects me only just because i’m a child

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bro nobody cares there is legit 0 things disgusting about those images

don’t post on reports unrelated to you - Said staff members.

Boopy you are not involved in this incident, please refrain from posting.

anyone? It’s been one month and still no response

We have determined that vieneky’s comments were part of a different interaction happening at the same time. With this in mind, we have no plans to issue a punishment.

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