What is the reason I got banned?

Since which century I was rude? Oh, and, “grow up” this is already rude, I’m literally 12 years old. Getting me banned because “i was rude” while staff being rude at the same time makes me chuckle, really. One thing I can remember is telling pippo to get out of my castle just because they had absolutely the same behavior… Please give more meaningful bans next time. I’d like explanations.

To answer your question, “grow up and stop being so rude to people”.
Don’t you realize how you’re annoying for the whole community? Try to fix your personality and maybe people will like you more.


Let me set a few things straight for you

  1. Nearly every single member that has a single interaction with you gets annoyed and starts hating you due to your blatant disrespect to users while also making demands of them.
  2. Your “demands”… you are not owed a single thing by anyone here… we provide this server as a free service for people to learn computer engineering with redstone and socialize around that. We are not here to serve you like some almighty god. We are volunteers who spend OUR money so YOU don’t have to…
  3. Your behavior about every single issue is beyond toxic and until you learn to properly convey your points in a mature and respectful way… your bans will just get ever-increasing.

OH and
4) learn what respect is and how to show it…


I think that ur rude and/or annoying too. Sry

If I had to look at previous messages, up to 1 month ago and older, I would agree with you guys, I was definitely rude. However, I don’t really see how could I be annoying since the last month.
All I wanted to do is to tell zPippo_ to get out of my castle because they had the same behavior. So, why are you guys targeting me? The fact they told me to get out of their area, OK, I got out, now I told them to get out of my base, and they didn’t get out… and I was the one getting banned?! Why?!
After all, I wouldn’t really, for example, offend people for no reason. I’m not these kinds of guys who, as an example, chat “L” due to their failures, or anything similar. I’m not these kinds of guys who troll others for no reason. I’m not these kinds of guys who make fun out of people. I’m not these kinds of guys who call myself the best ever. I’m not these kinds of guys who call others nolifes. All these things are mean, I never do anything of these.
With regards the “demand”, sure, maybe I should’ve written it the other way. That is my problem for sure, not understanding the exact purpose of the word, the more clear way would be to write “I’d like explanations”.
I should also correct that my bans will not be ever-increasing. In fact, I learn an actual lesson from a ban. If I get a ban for a reason, I know I should not act like that again. Take a look at the amount of bans I ever had (not a full list, for sure, but it definitely shows I learn from bans):

  1. Somewhere at end of September 2021 (for spamming)
  2. November 21 2021 (d3ath thr3ats)
  3. A lot of bans from May and June 2022, for various reasons, like chad spam, griefing, harassment, but all of that was because I forgot the rules, and topped off with a 2-month ban from June 13 2022 because I made fun on BoopyDoopy129’s parents, not even knowing he does not have parents
  4. Start of October 2022, given a Month ban because of a list of hatred players
  5. April 2023 for 7 days, but I better not mention it
  6. May 2023 for 14 days, but it’d be inappropriate for mentioning it,
  7. Today: December 17 2023 for 1 day, for somehow being rude to others

We don’t really have to discuss deeper into the bans, I made a list to demonstrate that the amount of bans really do not ever increase.

One thing I’d like to know is, what toxic or rude move or behavior made me getting banned? Can’t be an advice for zPippo_ to get out of my castle, right? If so, what was the reason? I still can’t understand - that’s the main problem. That’s why I believe bans should be more meaningful.

Bans do not increase? :sleepy: Last 6 months 3 weeks banned​:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They do, you can just see it takes more and more time for me to actually be banned again, and I’m sure it’s eventually just going to stop.

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The amount of bans should tell you something, by the way.

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Is there anything wrong with this message? By “banned”, I meant banned from seasonal. But I was banned from the entire ORE server. And I still got out. I’m sure that’s not the reason, if I’m not wrong.

read what capo said, it’s not just about being rude on seasonal, it’s about being rude in general on the server

“being rude in general on the server” Chat is visible to the public. And I was banned because of chat. All I need is the actual reason I got banned, I have no idea which message got me banned. Getting me suddenly banned because I was rude some time ago is just not fair, it must be getting me banned because of the latest message.

being a nuisance = getting punished
you got the reason you got banned (you were being rude)

also could you please mention april and may reasons?

I’m telling for the last time - I NEED to know the latest messages that got me punished. Or else, I’m not playing on this server for 2 months (and don’t mention anyone of you don’t care, I know).

And I cannot mention April and May reasons.

Oh plese, do not play for 2 months (at least!)

you’re rude

you could’ve just asked pippo for help

How could I ask pippo for help? If you’re inside the portal, you can’t even press T to chat. One thing you can do is press ESC, but that ain’t going to help. The portal was surrounded with “[Private]” doors, so I couldn’t even get out without “griefing” anything. After all, that’s not rude or relevant to the ban.

then could you relight the portal?

ask pippo to open the doors

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What do you mean “relight the portal”? The portal was already lightened so I could only break obsidian. After all, this is irrelevant to the ban.